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Bienenwaage 0.2 von Sebastian et al [Other projects] (4) [Other projects] (1)
Nectar - Beek-friendly apiary management platform [Other projects] (5)
Verkauft jemand ein System für ein Bienenvolk? [Introduce yourself] (5)
Feedback to Beep Version 2, Preview [Other projects] (3)
Beep Version 2, Translation to German [Other projects] (1)
Apisfero and Melixa System projects [Other projects] (6)
Benutzeraccount fürs System / Zugang zu Grafana [Introduce yourself] (5)
Bienenwaage im Eigenbau [Introduce yourself] (16)
Willing to publish some OSHW... anyone interested? [Introduce yourself] (7)
Linux IIO in einer Bienenwaage [Other projects] (1)
Moin Moin aus dem hohen Norden [Introduce yourself] (1)
Facebook Gruppe "Bauprojekt Stockwaage" [Other projects] (5)
Noch ein Gruß aus dem Allgäu [Introduce yourself] (2)
OpenHiveScale - an original approach for weight measuring [Other projects] (3)
Grüße aus dem Allgäu [Introduce yourself] (2)
MKR1000 based System with LCD display by Petrache Valentin [Other projects] (2)
Weather station telemetry with ESP8266 or ESP32 on batteries for years? [Other projects] (9)
Veleda and HAPI: Automation for hydroponics and aquaponics [Other projects] (2)
The PhenoCam Network: An ecosystem phenology web camera network [Other projects] (1)
Monitoring beehive and anthropology [Introduce yourself] (6)
Article "Honey Bee Colonies Remote Monitoring System" [Other projects] (1)
The Beescale4 (BS4) by Jérôme Alphonse [Other projects] (1)
Commercial Scales from [Other projects] (3)
The "Hive monitor" project by David Heaf [Other projects] (3)
The "JobeeMonitor" project by Jody Noury [Other projects] (1)
The “BeeMonitor” project by Thomas van Bellegem [Other projects] (2)
Iconize (BEEP dev) says hello! [Introduce yourself] (2)