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Hivewatch aus der Schweiz [Other projects] (2)
Bergbienen im Allgäu [Introduce yourself] (3)
Regierung will 100 Millionen Euro für Insektenschutz ausgeben [Other projects] (2)
The BeeZbee system by Fabien Holin [Other projects] (2)
Wägeplattform von 4Bees [Other projects] (2)
Neuer Prototyp basierend auf RaspberryPi [Introduce yourself] (9)
Ron, Daria und Lukas von [Other projects] (1)
»Pedersen Hive Scale« by [Other projects] (3)
»Honigreporter Stockwaage« von Christoph Nissl [Other projects] (1)
Neue bee counter Software auf Basis von Computer Vision und Machine Learning [Other projects] (3)
Audio Analysing Apps for Mobile Devices [Other projects] (3)
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€47k for German Open Source projects [Gemeinschaft / Community] (2)
Hello from Open Source Beehives! [Introduce yourself] (5)
Bienenwaage 0.2 von Sebastian et al [Other projects] (4) [Other projects] (1)
Nectar - Beek-friendly apiary management platform [Other projects] (5)
Any results from the pesticide research experiments at OSBH? [Gemeinschaft / Community] (1)
Verkauft jemand ein System für ein Bienenvolk? [Introduce yourself] (5)
Feedback to Beep Version 2, Preview [Other projects] (3)
Beep Version 2, Translation to German [Other projects] (1)
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