Beewise -- a robot as beekeeper

Our idea at hiveeyes to monitor bees and help them to develop in a good way spun out:

Not only bee monitoring but also a robot that replaces the beekeeper.

The idea to have an autonomous robot beekeeper is a bit scary for me. Thinking about pig or chicken breeding and fattening and the ugly pictures you can see this days on TV make me think this is not the best idea.

On the other side electronic monitoring and automatization has lead to a better “Tierwohl” in a lot of cowhouses. So let’s see what the future will bring.

As a side note I’d rather have bees automated than pigs or chicken.

This is interesting but I don’t see that as automated as they make believe. They are very shy on details. For example how do they remove the bees from the frame when the robot pulls it? Lots of other things come into mind.
So how much manual work do I actually save with this machine? Is that economical?
The costs per year are 15$ * 40 colonies * 12 months = 7200$ (lets assume its Euros).
40 colonies * 30 kg/year * 10 €/kg = 12.000 €/year income.
Thats 4800€ per year minus other costs.
To make this work you would need to scale it up further. I guess this thing is designed for the US market with its already industrialised beeking.

Probably inevitable that something like this comes up.

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