Thanks for allowing me into this group

I am a beekeeper and I am very interested in building a system just like this. First I need to know how to view this in English. Next I need to know where to start or go to find out how to build the system. I am not a programer but I do have electronics background. Thanks for your help and I am anxious to get started.


Hi Stephen, nice to have you on board the hiveeyes community!

About the translation service. To test it go to Externes OLED an Heltec V3 Ć¼ber I2C anschlieƟen - #16 by clemens and you will find a ā€œtranlation globeā€ icon under every German posting.

Just click on this icon and you will get an (automatic) translated version of the posting:

Some longer postings do exceed the lengh of the allowed text size of the used service and you may see an error message. In this you use an online translation service eg.

That may be not as easy as it shows up on the first glance because we have not ā€œtheā€ one and only system, but more different systems from different people with different requirements or personal flavors.

So feel free to tell us your needs and suggestions what you are searching for (how many monitoring systems you need, do you want to transmit data via WiFi, LoRa / TTN, LTE, do you have a power plug nearby or is solar or battery power intended?) and we will see how we can support you.

At this time I would like to monitor the temp, humidity and weight of my hives. I do not have power at my hive so I was planning on a solar option. I do have wifi available at the hives but it is weak. I am not sure what LoRa is but would like to investigate that option also. any help would be greatly appreciated.