My DIY "Hive Minder" monitoring setup (LoRa sensors w/ Grafana)

After getting frustrated with all the “Bluetooth” monitoring systems, I decided to build my own LoRa-based system using readily available hardware and open-source software. (Basically like Beep but for the US)

  • Dragino LSN50v2 sensor with 2 temperature probes and a HX711 based scale for weight.
  • Dragino DLOS8 LoRa gateway connected to TTN.
  • Grafana dashboard running on my own PC that used Node-Red and InfluxDB.

Here is a screen shot from my Grafana dashboard. I use the annotations function to make notes/logs. I use the Alerts function for temperature or weight events.

Matthew Brandes


Fahrenheit and pounds! This Grafana is really capable of handling every… wait, is this lb. av. (avoirdupois) or lb ap. (apothecaries’)? #scnr … nice work! :slight_smile:

but besides the imperial-metric-jokes … it comes to my mind again, that, as a community, we haven’t had yet come to the point to agree on a common “data-format/specification/labeling” for a hive (thinking about making data-collection share- and comparable) … there has been a longer discussion in german language here (don’t forget the discourse-built-in-translation-button ;) … and meanwhile some international standardization-committee started to form as “BeeXML”:


I find that the US is behind other countries when it comes to hive monitoring. The majority of systems that I see seem to come from Europe & Australia.

Metric vs. Imperial system has been somewhat of a challenge. I have some sensors that report temperature in Celsius and some in Fahrenheit. I’m actually doing math to convert C to F when querying the InfluxDB. I had to create custom firmware for the Dragino sensor to report in Pounds instead of Grams.

Agreed, there is not standard… I’ve not looked hard for one, but Beep has a pretty comprehensive list of measurements.


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Hi @NewHopApiary,

very nice work! I am aware that a newbee dropping in and asking a bunch of stupid questions on your thread is cringe-worthy, but I am having a tough time negotiating this community.

I am also in the US so I see your work as an exemplar of what I’d like to accomplish. I am struggling in my search for a “here is the simplest setup you can do, stupid!” type of reference. I am hoping you can point me to the right place to sort of emulate what you have.

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