Hive monitoring dashboard from Laury Gordyn

My beehive monitoring.


Hi Laury, welcome to the Hiveeyes community and thanks for sharing your data. May you write somthing to your person or to your beehive monitoring setup! What hardware do you use, what software? Are you happy with Google docs or would an advanced data visualization tool be interesting for you?

Hi Clemens thank you for the welcome.
The hardware consists of,

  • Single point 100kg load cell mounted on ‘H’ frames manufactured by me.
  • HX711 AD converter.
  • NodeMCU ESP8266.
  • Arduino Trinket as external watchdog.
  • Power supply for the HX711.
  • Power supply for the NodeMCU ESP8266.
  • Earth stake in the ground near the hive connected to the load cell shield and the - volts. (Important to give stable signal)
  • Arduino IDE.
  • Gmail address to give excess to Google sheets.
  • Java script in the background of Google sheet that dissects the incoming string of data.
    Google Docs has an extensive instruction set and secure backup.
    At present placing systems at other parts of the area where I live to do locality comparisons all on the same sheet.
    Happy to place some photos when I find out how.


Laury Gordyn

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Hi Laury,

welcome, and thank you for sharing the details of your rig.

To upload pictures, you can just drag&drop them into the message compose panel.

With kind regards,

Hi Laury,

Could you please share what load cell did you use?

Thank you,


This is the load cell using now, also included the weighing frame complete however is has a different load cell.
Have started making the complete weigh frame as a welded construction.



Laurens (Laury) Gordyn