Hello from Austria

Hi everyone,

small intro about me. A few years back I created an open-source beehive scale (GitHub - HannesOberreiter/bScale: Arduino code for a remote beehive scale.), because I really wanted to learn how one can archive such thing. Starting from soldering and up to micro-controller programming, was a great journey but stopped working on it as it took too much time and at that moment I tried to finish evening school somehow.

Nowadays none of my colonies do have any hive scales and I’m only managing around 30 (down from ~100) odd colonies in the alps (> 1200m elevation). I learned beekeeping in Australia and also did off-season beekeeping in New Zealand.

Besides beekeeping and tinkering my other hobby is programming, which I’m completely self-taught. Started out with simple CSS and HTML. Today I’m also a very advanced user in R, which I learned for “fun” for my bachelor thesis. Especially with Tidyverse, which is one of by greatest joys to work with (data scraping, data analysis, data visualisation …). I also manage a beekeeping application in my small spare time, which was my first programming project and is still running, which I’m most proud of. Currently (since two years …) reworking the whole thing on TypeScript on a node.js server (you can checkout my GitHub Profile, its all open-source, don’t want to misuse this intro for advertisements).

My daily bread is finishing my masters degree in biology and (minimal) working in my forest. As both don’t award me with enough income to survive, I also jump from one odd job to the next one.



Hi Hannes, welcome to hiveeyes. @diren did also some data analysis with R and there is a active group from https://correlaid.org/ that helps us to analyze the data of the BeeObserver project.

Hi clemens,

looks like an interesting data science community, but probably too much for me as I’m already actively contributing to a R community (R4DS) and if time really allows it I skim StackOverflow as it helps me each day and I want to give a little bit back . :nerd_face: