Salutations from Kansas, USA

Hello all!

I live in a rural area of Kansas in the USA. Last year I completed the Heroes to Hives program during which I was lucky enough to participate in on-site training/learning in a teaching apiary. I also benefitted from mentorship from a local GPMB Master Beekeeper.

We moved here in January and I now have four hives, expanding (this week I hope) to six. I am teaching my father-in-law as I continue to learn.

I have some background with microcontroller applications, having released several in the Home Brewing community. I hope to be able to apply that here to get me to the point where I understand what you all are talking about. :slight_smile:

It’s nice meeting all of you!


Dear Lee,

welcome to our little community. We hope you will have a good time over here. We know the content of our forum is not close to a “step-by-step-instructions” thing, which we already reflected on behalf of Asking for guidance on navigating the forum and hardware/software kits. Still, with baby steps, and impetus from others, we can possibly get there ;].

Excellent. I think with such a background, it will not be too difficult after spending some time over here. Feel free to compile a list of questions going around in your mind, and we will try to provide a good guidance [1]. It’s still DIY, though.

Also, you are welcome to join our infrastructure on the backend side, if desired also together with your colleagues. Building the appliance, electronics and sensor system is a fair amount of work, so you don’t have to spend additional time on the backend stack. Otherwise, feel free to ask more details about it and I will be happy to provide answers.

With kind regards,

  1. Look what you already achieved by just asking: Awesome Hiveeyes -- A list of curated resources ;]. The community always needs fresh perspectives to reiterate on what we have. ↩︎