John's ESP32 based beehive monitoring system

Here is the prototype, an ESP32 module based system which measures temperature/humidity and audio samples.

The group is working on breeding native (UK) queen bees which are in a remote location, so remote monitoring will be beneficial.

Future improvements will be adding weight monitoring and LoRa data transmission (the hives are 3Km Line of sight from our base).


For discussion about the case see

Would you share more about your audio data collection ? Which kind of information are you collecting ? Would they be small enough to travel on a LoRa link ?
Thanks !

Hi Henri

It’s a 30 second wav recording which is then ftp’d to the backend for processing via in the Hive Eye’s osbh analyzer solution.

Not sure but I don’t think it would be suitable for LoRa as being a wav format it is 500K+ in size.

Would be nice to do it all at the edge really and just send the analysis. :)



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Are you storing audio data at the ESP before sending it via WiFi? Do you have a SD card or Flash for this or do you use LittleFS / SPIFFS for the memory of the ESP or do you sent the audio as stream directly from the ESP?

Hi Clemens

SD card. I tried using SPIFFS but it garbled the recording, probably solvable but being impatient I went with the SD card alternative. The problem with the SD card is it uses substantial battery power circa 100ma+ :expressionless:


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Sure, it won’t be compatible with LoRa and it would be better to do the analysis on site.