The BEEP platform



A collaborative project by Marten Schoonman (@marten.schoonman) and Pim van Gennip (@iconize, for building an ergonomic free to use open source data entry app for beekeeping (aka. Digitale Stockkarte) and a monitoring system. The project is around since 2016, enjoy!

Kategorien für BOB-Stockkarte
H-type scale frame (aluminium, XYZ spaceframe)
Mellisphera Platform
Neues Dashboard für imkerliche Daten / New dashboard for beekeepers

Pim van Gennip pushed hard and implemented an Angular/Laravel application having a slick design. Cheers and enjoy!



Pim promised to make the application open source soon. We are really looking forward to that and to start a collaboration between our projects on the technical level! They are especially looking for translation of the user interface into other languages than Dutch and English.

Example screenshots


The BEEP project is available in an English and Dutch language version. @marten.schoonman and Pim would be happy to have a German translation of the UI.


News!! The Beep digitale record keeping app is full open sourced! cc: @clemens @Andreas

You can find it at

Two questions:

  • Who is interested to help translate the app to German or other languages?
  • Who wants to test the app? It is now version 1 and we are looking for feedback on what can be improved for version 2. Feedback can be sent to or simply be shared here.


Great news, Marten and Pim! I will be available for translation and also testing the app!


Pim shared the translation steps here:


Great, I have started the translation. Would be nice to discuss some terms before going online.


You can find here some screenshots


Slides about the project with interesting hardware details, e.g. a scale with weight sensors from very cheap bathroom scales:


Thanks for sharing the news and kudos to @marten.schoonman and @iconize for mentioning us. Good luck with everything guys, it’s great to see you are pushing BEEP further!


In the “Bee Observer - BOB” project we also planned to have an app for communication between sensors and beekeeper, and it would also make great sense to use it for logging the events the beekeeper observes whlie working with the hive.
We even have a (small) budget for it. Since your app is open source and everything in BOB is to be open source as well, would you be interested in modifing/extending the app to be used in the scientific project?

Greets, caro


Hi Caro. Yes, this is certainly possible. We figured that for scientific use you need the data to be very structured to be able to analyse and compare results. So clear fields to enter for most things beekeepers would want to note with a date of course. And with clear options to select. This is something Beep has been working on over the last weeks (or rather months) and we call a ‘bee data taxonomy’. It is already translated in two languages and can be easily translated to German as well. And it can be extended if things are missing. We hope to finalise this version in about one month. I have also responded to your email you sent me with some more details. Cheers, Marten


Sorry @marten.schoonman and @iconize that we have not done the German translation already. So we will wait for Beep version 2 and then do the translation task.


Create you own inspection list!

The new version of the digital Stockkarte is in beta test phase. It’s main features is the possibility to select the items you want to in- or exclude from your list of inspection items! See a screenshot of the ‘edit inspection’ screen below. If you are interested to preview the new version, please email me at

Feedback to Beep Version 2, Preview

Beep version 2 is available! The highlights:

  1. You can personalise your inspection sheet, picking items from a pre-set list (see image below)
  2. Thanks to great help the Beep webapp is fully translated to German!
  3. Many enhancements such as editing inspections, data download and adding reminders to your digital calendar.

To go to the app directly:
The manual can be found here: Manual Beep app version 2 | BEEP - Bijenmonitoring
The newsletter for version 2 is here: Newsletter July 2018 | BEEP - Bijenmonitoring


Hi @marten.schoonman and @iconize,

congratulations and thanks for your hard work! Will you consider to update GitHub - pvgennip/BEEP: BEEP - Open source bee monitoring - App/API/sensor data or did you decide to keep the new application closed source?



Hi @Andreas, we will of course update the github repo on a Beep repo. But after a little while out in the field and after bugfixing :-)

Übrigens, dank Jerry Brukman und @clemens gibt es eine komplett deutsche Version von V2 der App!
Überzeugen Sie sich selbst: BEEP | Bienenmonitor


Cool, looking forward!



A great overview about v2 of Beep

There is now a LoRa based PCB with 2x HX711!


Congratulations for releasing BEEP v2, @iconize and @marten.schoonman!