Open Hive Bee Monitoring System, Hardware Overview GSM node

Open Hive System with electronic (in the middle), humidity / temperature sensor for inside (left) and outside (right), at the top five temperature sensors for inside and bottom the scale unit.

The waterproof enclosure after some weeks outside. Screws seems not to be stainless steel.

The open electronic box with LiPo battery (not visible, electronic main board (red, Seeeduino Stalker), the Open Hive shield (white), GSM module (left side), solar cell (bottom).

LiPo and GSM PCB antenna.

Protection for the inside combined humidity / temperature sensor is a simple hair roller, you are possibly using and knowing as (male) beekeeper for queen protection and part time cage while inspection.

The outside counterpart: An also reused household article: Ikea cup with drilled hole for weather protection.


This looks great, I would like to build something similar, or even exactly the same, do you have a build guide and/or parts list?
Thanks Matt

Hi Matt, we have not documented all steps yet. So find some starting points:

Single Side Scale Bar, “the scale” hardware

Shield for Seeeduino Stalker

Box Assembling

Temperature Array (sorry in German)

Not structured, but a bit product / parts dropping in

Nice observation by @weef about the power consumption with a 1 h measurement and data upload intervall: