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About Firmwareschmiede / Firmware development (1)
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Waage-Justierungs-Sketch für MicroPython (3)
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Remote programming of microcontrollers through SSH (2)
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Arduino-kompatible MQTT-Bibliotheken mit QoS-Unterstützung (10)
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ESP32 multicore task scheduling and its watchdog timers (WDT) (2)
DS18B20-Temperatur-Sensoren am one-wire-bus anordnen (2)
Maxim One Wire Bus driver for ESP32 (2)
Teensy Audio Library für Cortex-M4 mit DSP Erweiterungen (3)
HX711 library archeology (3)
Watchdog Timer (WDT) for different platforms (1)
»libdsp-x15« – DSP (C66x) library for BeagleBoard-X15 (AM5728) (1)
MicroPython libs for SIM800 on ESP32 (1)
Audio based provisioning of an ESP32 node (3)
Neocon: a simple (multi-)serial console utility (1)
"esp-open-sdk" is an almost free and open SDK for ESP chips (3)