Audio based provisioning of an ESP32 node


i stumbled upon this and thought it may come in handy when building small embedded nodes without complex input interface (no/few buttons) but the need to feed in provisioning data at least once (wifi credentials/id-numbers/hive-id?)

it works by generating a wav sample inside the user-side browser (could be a app or a website) and modulating the data by FSK.
it also uses HDLC and base64 to encode the data and has some source for generator (js/css/html) and decoder (c++)

you can find more details in the authors blogpost




Oh wow, this is totally “thinking outside the box” from my perspective. Have you tried it? Does it work well and would you recommend it for not-so-techie users?

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We met Peter at the Beep meetup and he showed us an ESP32 with two digital I2S mics, that record audio and send it via WiFi – in this cas UDP – to a local computer. Amazing!

Thanks for sharing that. On the other side, I just found Serial communication via audio on Android, which uses the Oboe C++ library for Android under the hood.

– via: Projects using Oboe or AAudio

It has been conceived for Androwobble.