Arduino firmwares with LoRaWAN telemetry


The GitHub - hiveeyes/arduino: Arduino-compatible MCU code for sensor and telemetry nodes repository does not contain any examplars with LoRa/LoRaWAN telemetry, as mentioned by @lbussy at Asking for guidance to find the right hardware/software kit for a connected hive in a rural setting - #21 by lbussy. This post aims to fill this gap.


Both applicances/firmwares in this section are based on the HTCC-AB01: Heltec CubeCell Dev-Board, using a Cortex M0+. Both run their telemetry messaging via LoRaWAN to TTN. Kudos to both authors for sharing their excellent work.


Autonome Zelle #3

Autonome Zelle #3: Bodentemperaturen mit CubeCell, DS18B20, Solar & LoRa has been conceived by @wtf.


Hivescale_HTTC-AB01_Lorawan has been conceived by @MKO, see also 8266 - homie battery powered OR Bienenwaage 2.0 NodeMCU? - #6 by MKO.


It would be sweet to mix both firmwares together to get the best of both worlds, specifically suitable for implementing a connected hive with support for NAU7802 and LoRaWAN, CayenneLPP serialization and PlatformIO.

  • Sensors: NAU7802, BME280, DS18B20.
  • Telemetry: CayenneLPP over LoRaWAN.
  • Sandbox: PlatformIO configuration file.