RISC-V is coming

It looks like RISC-V is already in the pipeline of Espressif.

I haven’t been aware that Espressif is a founding member of the RISC-V Foundation.


Company: Espressif
Membership Level: Founding, Gold

Espressif is dedicated to the research, design, and distribution of IoT solutions. We continually strive to transform the communication industry through ever improving IoT solutions via energy, performance, and functionality optimization, improving the lives of consumers and enterprises in countless ways in the years to come.


Just found out that the Kendryte K210 – coined as the first competitive RISC-V chip – is supported by PlatformIO [1] and MicroPython [2] already – also based on FreeRTOS like the ESP32.

It is conceived by Boris Lovosevic (@loboris) of LoBo MicroPython fame. After being in beta stage since January, 2019, it has been maturing throughout the year. Read all about it!

  1. Kendryte K210 — PlatformIO 4.1.0rc3 documentation ↩︎

  2. LoBo Forums - MicroPython for Kendryte K210, RISC-V Dual Core 64bit CPU ↩︎

After doing his day job (porting MicroPython to K210) Boris Lovosevic seems to be back, so loboris’ port of MicroPython for ESP32 is not abandoned:

[…] I won’t promise any dates, but I have no intention to stop working on this port.

(MicroPython for ESP32 current status)

BTW, this year’s Hackaday conf badge features an FPGA with a RISC-V core.

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In this context, we just also found Porting Mirocpython to Risc V ? - MicroPython Forum and

GigaDevice GD32VF103

Further looking into the RISC-V thing, we found the GigaDevice GD32VF103 and would like to share some information about it.

Comparison to the equivalent GD32F103VBT6 Arm Cortex-M3 MCU

… MicroPython support for the

is coming, see: