Is a 'product' available?

Hi I’m based in the UK, I’m a beekeeper and member of Bristol - The Things Network Community

I have Warre hives. I’m interested in a solution that uses LoRaWAN. Is Hiveyes able to do this yet?

Is there a page that documents the main features?

Does anyone sell ‘Hiveeyes boxes’ as a product I can just buy and install?



Hi Sam, we have at the moment no “selling products” but only some enthusiastic maker who “produce” for our self and sometimes for beekeeping friends.

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Thanks clemens

I suspected this to be the case. I don’t mind hacking things a bit, fairly familiar with Linux etc.

Has anyone got Hiveeyes working on the TheThingsNetwork / LoRaWAN? Is it on the roadmap? I saw this thread but I don’t understand German i’m afraid?

Dear Sam,

welcome to our little community! As @clemens said, we don’t have any product-grade stuff ready (and not sure we are actually aiming at that goal). On the other hand, we focused on having a rich backend system offering different kinds of data acquisition paths for supporting a variety of firmware flavors in different environments (GSM, WiFi, Radio).

LoRaWAN/TTN is actually on the roadmap, we are happy to push things forward together with you but can’t promise any timeframe.

Just let us know about any further questions you might have about the overall system, we are happy to answer and support you.


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Hi Sam, I had contact with the local TTN community in Munich, will do a test of my setup in summer. Do you have any experience concerning possible data rates with TTN? Sending 200B every 10 min, will that work? Markus

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Some info on data rates is here: Limitations: data rate, packet size, 30 seconds uplink and 10 messages downlink per day Fair Access Policy - End Devices (Nodes) - The Things Network

It’s quite limited…

I’ve recently spotted this project for people interested in LoRaWan


Unclear if this would be compatible with the hiveeyes backend?

Dear Sam,

thanks a bunch for spreading the word in the TTN forum! While we haven’t pushed the LoRa topic yet, the backend is agnostic to any kind of data source and is already a wash & go solution for data acquisition, -visualization and -export. As we are already doing RFM69 and RFM96 (LoRa) radio at one of our setups, we already have some parts available on the firmware side (e.g. an efficient measurement data serialization protocol).

We appreciate and encourage your efforts in connecting people/projects very much, please go ahead! Maybe we could directly get in contact somehow? Are you using Skype or any other system that we could establish a short conversation via phone?

If it doesn’t fit yet, we will make it fit! Our agenda is to be open to anything sensible on both the data ingress and egress side.


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Hi Andreas.

I’m glad someone with very little knowledge bumbling about asking questions is useful! It can be sometimes I guess.

As an aside I found this looking at the acoustic analysis side

@permagriculture for sound analysis see also this threads here:

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