Hier eine unsystematische Sammlung von Beobachtungen, Messungen und Theorien zum Thema Sound im Bienenstock:

Am spannendsten beim Thema Sound finde ich momentan die Erläuterungen zur Apivox-App

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There is a huge thread - with video links - about the sound analysis of the OSBH team on the new Aker forum:

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Back to the early beginnings:

Eddie Woods: Listen to your Bees (Audio)

I have not found any information about the source of this interview / voice recording. But I assume that it is Eddie Woods personally who is speaking in the middle section.

Listen to the Bees by Rex Boys (1999) (Text)

A summary of Eddie Woods’ work:

Bees as Biosensors: Chemosensory Ability, Honey Bee Monitoring Systems, and Emergent Sensor Technologies Derived from the Pollinator Syndrome

Jerry J. Bromenshenk et al.

Überblick mit interessanten Abblidungen (#10 und 11).

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Beep has started a collection also

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