About the "generic" firmware


The “generic” firmware is a flexible software breadboard for AVR-based sensor-, transceiver- and gateway-nodes. It is using the RadioHead and BERadio C++ libraries for ISM radio transmission. The fine Arduino-Makefile is used for the build process.

The intention is to have a single source code for a firmware capable running on the sensor node, the protocol transceiver and the gateway side for making a multihop FSK scenario reality (RFM69 -> RFM95 -> UART -> MQTT).

The different roles of the firmware can be configured by “#define” macro feature flags.

Getting started

This section is just a stub. @einsiedlerkrebs and @Andreas should fill in the gaps.


This section is just a stub. @einsiedlerkrebs and @Andreas should fill in the gaps.
Please drop some words about “config.h” and “User.mk” and how to work with it.


The firmware development started in July 2016, see also:

It is successfully running in the field since April 2017, see also:

Firmware builder

The generic firmware can also be built using the firmware builder without installing any SDK on your machine. For more information about this, please have a look at the section “AVR firmwares for ISM radio” at: