Next-generation sensor- and telemetry-node firmware

Generic firmware for RFM69 and RFM95 (LoRa)

Welcome to the “generic” firmware, a flexible software breadboard for sensor-, transceiver- and gateway-nodes. This is now based on the RadioHead and BERadio C++ libraries for radio transmission. For building it, we switched to the fine Arduino-Makefile.

The intention is to have a single firmware capable running on the sensor node, the protocol transceiver and the gateway side for making a multihop FSK scenario reality (RFM69 -> RFM95 -> MQTT).

Welcome LoRa! Cheers, @einsiedlerkrebs!

A picture says a thousand words

–Three-- nodes, each running the “generic” firmware in different roles:

A new LoRa gateway is on board.

  • A sensor node emitting telemetry data via RFM69 (left)
  • A transceiver node receiving RFM69 and emitting RFM95 LoRa (middle)
  • A gateway node receiving RFM95 LoRa and sending it to the UART interface (right)