What actually is the "http" command used all over the place?

Hello Andreas,

I could not find what http command is ? Is it an alias for curl ?

Hi @Jodaille,

it’s the command of HTTPie, which is

[…] a command line HTTP client with an intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, wget-like downloads, plugins, and more.

It is a really cool alternative to “curl”, i can strongly recommend it for all systems capable of running Python.


You can install it by issuing

apt install httpie


pip install httpie

P.S.: Please beware the API specification discussed in the thread Web-Service “Audioanalyse” is just a proposal, so all of that is not implemented yet.


Hello Andreas,

I will try httpie, thank you.

I have misunderstood :-)

I have to work my german

No worries and thanks for staying with us! Your input about the setup woes regarding “audiohealth” contributed to the decision to provide a web service for that specific subsystem.

As @clemens mentioned, this will make it way easier for other newcomers to play around with it. Nevertheless, this requires a significant amount of engineering to make it robust, so it will probably take some time, though. We are looking forward to welcome you as one of the first beta testers as soon as we get around doing it.

P.S.: As i’m still on the road, i can’t even work on making a self-contained Debian package from the audiohealth sources, as the RaspberryPi we use as a buildhost unfortunately is not travelling with me :-).

If you have spare time playing around with new stuff, we are happy if you would have a look and maybe try to follow another thing we prepared for you:


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