Decode JobeeMonitor UART line format

After @Jodaille joined our community (hello and welcome again! ;]), we checked for his telemetry data serialization protocol:

and added an appropriate decoder to our telemetry gateway program:

We would be pleased if you want to take a look, Jody.

Dear @Jodaille,

the gateway program beradio now accepts payloads on STDIN to be compatible with your readLog.php program, so you can run it in parallel to


When submitting data like:

$ echo 'id=Danvou;lux=13940.88;bmpP=997.03;bmpT=20.32;topT=0;entryT=0;h=70.55;siT=19.38;rainLevel=2.24;RainFall=466;milli=332143870;' | beradio forward --source='data://stdin' --target='mqtt://'

while listening on MQTT:

$ mosquitto_sub -h -p 1883 -t 'hiveeyes/#' -v

you should receive a response like:

hiveeyes/testdrive/tug22/Danvou/data.json {"lux": "13940.88", "bmpP": "997.03", "bmpT": "20.32", "topT": "0", "entryT": "0", "h": "70.55", "siT": "19.38", "rainLevel": "2.24", "RainFall": "466", "milli": "332143870"}

And measurement data should start being displayed at


After installing BERadio, you can display the “network_id” currently in use:

$ beradio info
                  beradio 0.11.0
config file: /Users/amo/Library/Application Support/beradio/config.json
network_id:  testdrive
gateway_id:  tug22

You should edit the “config file” to have the “network_id” configured as “testdrive”. By doing that, it is possible to submit data to MQTT without credentials, as the “testdrive” channel does not have any protection.

We would be happy to see measurement data from your hive on our collaborative platform. Let us know if you have further questions or when you encounter any problems.


Hello Andreas,

first “fake” send of datas :-)

Seems to work, cool!

I have a “hotel beehive” (bait hive) with temperature and humidity sensor, three floor down to test radio transmission + solar autonomy.
The receiver is an Arduino with an OpenWrt router and an ugly sh script to read serial input and make a HTTP query.
It works for weeks, then something hangs on in the router side I think.

I think I will replace the router with an OrangePi Pc+ I have so that I will be able to practice mqtt + beradio
maybe with recording and audio analyze.

I have installed armbian on emmc so I need not sdcard anymore.

I would like to compare with Raspberry Pi which I don’t find it stable (maybe power issue but I have changed it recently)

Ok, we are looking forward to further news from you.

Have fun,