Weather House



Some of our temperature and humidity sensors live in a nice (blue) Ikea cup for protection against direct exposure to weather / rain. However, good rain protection does not necessarily mean good sun protection: With direct sun light on the cup, it acts like a green house so you have to shadow it.

Other (better?) trials

This weather house (also blue ;]) probably works better for protecting against direct sun exposure:


Looking from a meteorologist perspective I have two comments:

  • the box has to be colored in white to minimize radiation absorption. This is crucial!
  • orientate the maintenance door to north to never let the sun directly shine onto the sensors.

A less expensive solution would be a radiation and precipitation shield. Many examples for 3d-printing are available on Thingiverse.


I have seen a 3D printed version - similar to what you linked - on the MakerFaire last weekend. It was fragile and some layers started to break.

I found this protection shield by a quick search but also much more expensive models:

La Crosse Technology 925-1418 Sensor Protection Shield with Mount

AcuRite 06054M Temperature & Humidity Solar Radiation Shield

In case you have some (semi)professional stores with good prices for such things feel free to share.


Ja, der hängt nicht optimal oder der Wetterschutz ist nicht geeignet. Der Sensor mit Becher war am Anfang im Süden, da ich dachte die Temperatur am Flugloch sei interessant, da waren die Ausreisser noch extremer. Osten wäre vermutlich eine gute Option, da sollte nur mäßig Sonne sein, Kabel ist aber zu kurz oder ich müsste die Box mit der Solarzelle umsetzen zwischen zwei Beuten.


There is another of-the-shelf-weather-enclusure, a bit less expensive (starting at 10€) and available at german distributors: TFA Dostmann 98.1114.02 Protective Cover for Outdoor Transmitter

See e.g. heise/Geizhals for offers in Germany.

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