OpenHaus 2023-03

ClimArt beim OpenHaus im März 2023

TreeAware prototyps

“Angry Tree” ;-)

Hej, Alter! Was geht denn ab hier? Scheiß Wetter, oder?
Ja, haha, ich bin ne Eiche und kann sprechen, haste nicht gedacht, wa?
Gestern wars wieder ganz schlimm, erst pissen die Leute an meinen Stamm
und kotzen dann auch noch.

Wir haben aber auch 'nen netten:

Hello human being.

Come closer, touch my leaves. Yes, I’m spiky and strong. Do you know what I am?

I am a Mahonia - a creeping mahonia. I might not be native to this place - but I think I just fit in in ZK/U as an international individual.

Well, consider myself as an artist. As a plant I will be part of the non-human entity of a new project at ZK/U. We will dwell into the nexus of climate and art and how humans, trans-humans and non-humans can find a way to not just co-exist but live ‘n love together as one.

Climate change affects us all. Let’s transform!

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