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Documentation: https://mpy-repl-tool.readthedocs.io/


There are binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows on its release page at Releases · BetaRavener/uPyLoader · GitHub.



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Mount filesystem from MicroPython device on workstation

Continuing the discussion from DAQ-SIG recap 20190717:


Connecting some dots between MicroPython tooling and the

It looks like the mpy-REPL-Tool is able to synthesize a device mount of the filesystem on the device through fusepy – even on Windows using the Dokan FUSE Wrapper.

Mount Action

FUSE is a feature of the GNU/Linux kernel that allows to implement file system in user space programs. There are compatible libraries for MacOS and even for Windows.

fuse_drive.py implements a class for fusepy. It gets a connection which it’s using to execute commands on the target.

See also Getting mount to run on Windows, it currently requires a hack to get it working there.

Technical — mpy-REPL-Tool 0.2 documentation

The MicroTerkin Sandbox

Die MicroTerkin-Sandbox ist eine optimale commandline-basierte Entwicklungsumgebung für den Terkin-Datenlogger für MicroPython.

Paul Sokolovsky also made GitHub - pfalcon/awesome-micropython: Curated list of awesome MicroPython resources.

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Jan Wieck just announced Micropython Build Environment for ESP32 in a Docker Container - MicroPython Forum.