Hive monitoring setup with 60 temperature sensors

Also the fact that I am looking to build a version of this that would support a lot of temp sensors arrays (plan is 60 sensors) makes me think that spending time on fixing the stalker issue (see HX711 (junction with 4 cells) + stalker 3.1 reading values) is counterproductive.

Especially when I can use it as I did until now with ADS1231.

As for the next step I can’t decide what board to get.

  • I won’t have WiFi and most reliable is to use gprs in that location.
  • Needs a lot of memory

Can’t decide between sodaq autonomo or some esp board.

If you have any suggestions to pros and cons that might make me decide for one or another feel free to post;)


P.S.: As for the original topic of this post at HX711 (junction with 4 cells) + stalker 3.1 reading values I think it can be made as obsolete or lay to rest.

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Dear Ondrej,

thanks for letting us know about your goals, very interesting! Then, let’s just abandon the Stalker as @clemens seems to have decided for himself already and move on, right? We are probably on the same page as you as we are also going into the direction of ARM Cortex and ESP MCUs and evaluating appropriate off-the-shelve development boards for them.

While we are currently developing an appropriate board along the lines of a reasonable MicroPython firmware for the Pycom modules [1] based on the ESP32, boards based on the ARM Cortex also gained more of our attraction recently. While @clemens might want to drop some words about the Sodaq Autonomo [2], I would like to list the Teensy 3.x [3] boards here. However, we don’t have any hands-on experience with them yet.

@tonke is also thinking about connecting a SIM800 module to an ESP32 like the FiPy to expand its radio coverage from LTE Cat M1/NB1 into the regular GPRS domain in order to gain world domination on the number of telemetry options. However, he is doing different things (i.e. not monitoring beehives) and I recognize this would be a bit over the top for the usage in our context. A bare-bone ESP32 package with the SIM800 module or a similar modem attached would probably also do for common needs here if you are going to assemble the system on your own behalf.

We will be happy to hear about which direction you will be moving in.

With kind regards,

[1] LoPy - Triple-network WiFi, Bluetooth and LoRa dev board
[2] SODAQ Autonomo
[3] 32 Bit Teensy 3.x boards

@agentKrowka Go on with the FiPy or LoPy so we can use the same base in hard- and software! Or the Autonomo in case you can and want to adopt the software now running on the Stalker.

You are correct. Using FiPy would tick all the boxes I need and in the BOB project there is a great knowledge to build upon. I would only need to modify the breakout board diagram to add more screw terminals since I would like to split the temp sensor array to 2 or 3 groups. Making a functional setup would not require that much effort and time comparing to autonomo for example.

So here we go. Decision reached. Time to get the hw list, make some orders and get going with the build.

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While Temperatur mehrerer Bienenstöcke mit einem einzigen Microcontroller überwachen? is a bit different, I found it reasonably similar to link it here.