SODAQ Autonomo


The Autonomo is a matchbox-sized Arduino compatible board which uses the Atmel Cortex M0+ 32bit microcontroller. It was designed it to be autonomous (self-sufficient) by enabling it to be powered by a smartphone-sized solar panel. The goal was to create a device which would be able to run indefinitely using solar generated power. The Autonomo has been designed to run efficiently and with extremely low power consumption.


Microcontroller         ATSAMD21J18, 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+
Compatibility           Arduino M0 compatible
Size                    58.5 x 33.5 mm
Operating Voltage       3.3V
Digital I/O Pins        16, with 12 PWM, UART, SPI and TWI (I2C)
Analog Input Pins       6, 12-bit ADC channels
Analog Output Pins      10-bit DAC
External Interrupts     Available on all pins except pin 4
DC Current per I/O pin  7 mA
Flash Memory            256 KB
SRAM                    32 KB
EEPROM                  Up to 16KB by emulation
Clock Speed             48 MHz
Debug                   Serial Wire Interface
Communications          Bee compatible slot for communication modules with software switchable power
Storage                 16Mbit Dataflash Module and Micro SD card holder
Power                   5V USB power and/or 3.7V LiPo battery
Power switch            Software switchable power for connected devices up to 1A
Charging                Solar charge controller, up to 500mA charge current
LED's                   Yellow charge LED and green LED on pin 13


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I have mentioned the Autonomo in various postings as a reasonable replacement for the bad and worse releases of the Seeeduino Stalker. With the Cortex M0 it is after some tweaking a good option for digital sound recording also.

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Here is an interesting thread about FTP upload with an Autonomo plus GPRSBee