Hello from a group of Italian citizens interested in environment and environmental measurements

Hi guys,
I’m part of a group of italian citizen interested in environment and environmental measurements.
We start a project with the local Environment Agency (ARPA) and we are exploring the possibilities of analyzing and visualizing sensor data together with them.
At the moment we are promoting the installation of Luftdaten sensors, but we are open to every solution.
We saw here (Querying our InfluxDB databases interactively) the possibility to use the InfluxDB and grafana for customize the visualition of the data, and we would really love to have this acces to start testing these features.
Hope to have a good collaboration with all the team

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Hi there,

thanks for visiting us and welcome! As @cripcrip was also coming to us with a question revolving Missing data of my luftdaten sensor on the Grafana map, we are looking forward if you would also join us on https://community.panodata.org/. We are currently shifting our efforts towards streamlining all interests beyond data acquisition around beekeeping there.

Will be happy to see you there!

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With pleasure,
i need a new registration on panodata, or I can access with my credential of Hiveeyes?

Sorry, you will have to register a separate account over there as we don’t run a single-sign on system for our services yet. However, you will be able to use the same account information. Please let us know if anything goes wrong with that.

We are looking forward to support your community with things around that. We already started to outline some things working behind the scenes within Missing data of my luftdaten.info sensor with LDI station id 19604 from Veglie, Italy on the Grafana map - #4 by Andreas.Motl - Troubleshooting - Panodata Community already.

Dear @centralinedalbasso,

thanks for joining us over at https://community.panodata.org/. We’ve just replicated your post into a new topic at Hello from a group of Italian citizens interested in environment and environmental measurements - Luftdaten - Panodata Community and look forward to continue the discussion over there.

Thanks already and with kind regards,