Missing data of my luftdaten sensor on the Grafana map

Hi, I’m Andrea and I recently installed a control unit and joined the Luftdaten project but I can’t see my unit on Grafana’s map. Did I do something wrong?
Thank you

Hi Andrea, welcome on the Hiveeyes community, We are just importing and processing some luftdaten.info data, so hiveeyes may not be the first target for your question but https://luftdaten.info. Btw. a question to our members here: Is there a dedicated community forum for luftdaten?

Please check your configuration first, do you send to madavi? Then check your data at


and replace 12041741 with your sensor ID!

Before your data appear in the “official” and map based data you have to register your device. A longer time ago you had to send a mail to rajko at codefor.de and this is still written on the italian doc page:

After that I had to wait several weeks to make it in the map (and some reminder mails from my side).

This has changed and you can register your sensor now with a self service under https://my.luftdaten.info, this is documented e.g. on the EN and DE page (and had it not made to the IT page yet):

So please try this first and then have a look at the official luftdaten map in case it is showing up there and not on our grafana page please come back to us.

Dear Andrea,

thanks for writing in!

As the things we are doing around Grafana with the data from luftdaten.info is a kind of a spin-off from Hiveeyes, we just recently founded another space for discussing relevant things in order to reduce the noise for the beekeeping community.

You are welcome to join us over at the Panodata Community and post your question into the relevant category at

@clemens: Please also feel welcome to follow along that trail…

Thanks already and with kind regards,

Thank you very much for the instructions you gave me.
I followed your steps and on the map of Luftdaten there.
I am attaching the image.
It’s not on Grafana’s map.
My node is esp8266-12793152

In this map it’s not.

Thanks Andreas, unfortunately I can’t log in.

Thanks for letting us know. We will check what might be going wrong there. Did you actually create a separate account over there by registering yourself as a new user?

Excuse me, I have now created a new user and can enter. Thanks

Thanks, let’s follow up on our discussion at Missing data of my luftdaten sensor on the Grafana map - Luftdaten - Panodata Community. I’ve just replicated the content there.

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