H-type scale frame (aluminium, XYZ spaceframe)


@karsten and @robert of Beutenkarl fame (Facebook) built a classic H-type scale frame using standard 25x25x2 aluminium tubes enclosing a Bosche H30A single point load cell.

They also documented the construction process and the general setup, enjoy reading:



The design has been inspired by the low cost, light weight, highly durable XYZ spaceframe construction by Till Wolfer, Jesper Rølund, Ion Sørvin and Erling Sørvin, which is published under an Creative Commons “CC BY-NC-SA” license. See also:

Some impressions




Fitted to the beehive ground floor.

Before mounting




@caro, @tox and their colleagues from the University of Bremen and Hiverize built a dozen of the aluminium-based XYZ-Spaceframe scales in preparation for the Beep project.

The estimated costs will be about 60 - 70 EUR for the frame without load cell. At Gemmel Metalle I calculated around 40 EUR material costs for the standard aluminum tubes (raw tubes cut to length without drilling). Additionally, you will need two laser-cut plates and screws, washer and nuts.

@karsten also told me that the drilling can be done using a drilling press with a stopper.

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Unter “Eine Stockwaage bauen” findet Ihr eine schöne Selbstbauanleitung von @tox und @caro vom Hiverize Projekt. Danke!

A interpretation of the aluminium frame scale.
The upper section is turned by 90 degree for the usage of hives with different wides and the lower section is hanging for less height over all.


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Hier gibt es auch noch eine Waage aus Alu-X-Profilen: