Dachte ja, man könne mit dem was wir machen kein Geld verdienen! ;-) Scheinbar schon:


Interessant finde ich “movement data” hmm, was das wohl ist? Sound?

ApisProtect currently monitors over six million bees across Europe and North America

Heute Mittag habe ich noch 6 Millionen Bienenvölker gelesen, nun verstehe ich den Spaß!! 6 000 000 / 40 000 (so viel Bienen, einzelne! hat ein großes Volk) = 150 Völker! So kann man venture capital-Geber auch beeindrucken! Oh, Mann!

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From the conference

Hi Clemens, we use temperature, humidity, sound, and acceleration

The electronic device is placed on top of the hive, so far away from the broad cluster und changing distance by adding / removing supers. My question was about an increased accuracy by moving the device near to the broad:

That is true if what you want to do is look at raw data streams with the human eye, for example you would want to see a consistant brood temperature when the queen is laying. Our advantage is that by using machine learning and showing our algorithms many, many examples of how the parameters vary in different situations, we have trained it to understand these variations and make judgements even though it is further away from the brood.