The World Bee Project Hive Network


In the spirit of HoneyBeeNet, the The World Bee Project Hive Network — World Bee Project is building something big with ambitious goals:

– via: ApisProtect

Remark: ApisProtect is not planning to join Oracle’s World Bee Project Hive Network.


Some more resources about that:

I also remembered a project conceived in 2016 already and tried to dig out the information about it:


You can see the OSBH BuzzBox in the video and also the scale from the Arnia Hive Monitoring Project as hardware!


At the moment this is not a commercial endeavor for Oracle and is a way for the company to showcase its Cloud technology platform […].

Is this becoming a kind of a rivaled competitive Space Race - Wikipedia aka. can Oracle use its technology showcase as a waste product to save the bees world? Is this the augmented reality thing some people are talking about? I’m not exactly sure what to think of this.