October 5-9, 2020 // 4th international conference on bee and hive monitoring 2020 will take place as digital Zoom Conference

Hi all,

Next July in Montana the Western Apicultural Society is organizing the 4th International Conference on bee and hive monitoring.

Shall you be interested, take a look to the announce and registration.



It looks like this conference also has been postponed to July 2021.


The Montana Honey Bee Summit (2020 WAS Annual Conference, Technology Demonstrations Field Camp and Hive Monitoring Workshop) has been POSTPONED until July 8-13, 2021 due to COVID-19.

I’ve hoped that the conference will thake place in a digital format. So it would be much easier to participate from Europe. Unfortunately now postponed!

Did you receive an update?
the last information I got was on April 29th and was as follows:

The 4th International Bee and Hive Monitoring Conference will have an online ZOOM conference, July 13-14, 2020 .

The face-to-face meeting of the 4th International Bee and Hive Monitoring group has been rescheduled for Missoula, Montana, July 12-13, 2021.

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I just got this communication this evening.

4th International Bee and Hive Monitoring (ZOOM) Conference

Zoom Conference, July 13-14, 2020

Pre-Recorded 15 Minute Presentations: Due on or before July 3, 2020

Abstracts for October issue of Bee Culture: Due on or before July 3, 2020

Pre-Conference Presentations and Abstracts: Stored on a University of Montana (UM) Unlisted Channel

Post-Conference Presentations: As approved by each speaker, will be made public on an UM Public Channel

Donation/Registration $20: Events | colonymonitoring.com, Click on Event, and PayPal Donation Button comes up.

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Many thanks for letting us know! I wrote an email to the communications and secretary address more than a week ago but did not get any information! Great that it will take place as online conference!

Hope we’ll “meet” there!

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I got this information from Jerry Bromenshenk; I hope it’s ok to share it here public:

4th International Bee and Hive Monitoring Conference_July_ 2020.pdf (232.6 KB)

Sound realy interesting, this detail also:

We also want to start a discussion about forming a professional organization for all of us engaged in these innovative and emerging technologies.

I got no further information or login links till now. Some days ago @marten.schoonman from beep.nl posted in the beep Slack channel

This conference is postponed till August/Sept.

But I got no “officail” canceling information from WAS although I have registered for the conference a time ago. So it seems we will not see us no Monday next week. What a pity!

The process takes longer but it’s still running.
I just got this update

The Fourth International Bee and Hive Monitoring Conference Goes Virtual

To all members of the bee, colony, and hive monitoring community, we have selected a date for the 2020 Zoom Conference! It will be spread over five days, from October 5-9 . To date, we have received uploads of presentations from about half of the researchers and companies on our 80+ member list.

If you have already submitted a 15-minute presentation, you are guaranteed as a program presenter. If you have not, we are offering one last chance to see your work, software, or products highlighted by this conference?

We will accept new presentations before, but not later than September 18th. I f you are hesitant to present because you haven’t used Zoom to record presentation videos, please contact me at beeresearch@aol.com, and I can help you.

Now that we have a date and a list of speakers, we have started advertising the program to the customer base. You will see the following announcement posted online by Bee Culture and the American Bee Journal , the Eastern and Western Apicultural Societies of America, various beekeeping associations. We are making a special effort to invite the officers of the American Federation of Beekeepers and the American Honey Producers Association . For those of you in other countries, we ask that you contact the appropriate interest groups; provide the following announcement:

Announcing the Fourth International Bee and Hive Monitoring Conference!

· Commercial beekeepers will see monitoring technologies for remote apiaries, management software – for planning and record-keeping, asset marking and tracking devices, theft protection units, mapping software, and more.

· Backyard beekeepers will see the latest versions of monitoring technology: hive scales, temperature sensors, acoustic interpreters, forager counters, and more.

· Location : Zoom (registrants will receive link)

· Dates : October 5 - 9, 2020

· Registration : Events | colonymonitoring.com Limited to the first 300 registrants

· Cost : $20.00. Yes, only $20 bucks.

· Format : Conference sessions will be held a few hours each day, over several days. Sessions will be organized by topic. Presentations will be pre-recorded, with live Q & A after each session.


  1. Expect multiple simultaneous sessions.

  2. Recordings. With speaker permission, will be made available after the conference.

  3. About previous events: In 2018: Eastern Apicultural Society EAS 2018 meeting in Hampton, Virginia. Workshop on Hive and Bee Monitoring. In 2014: Second international workshop on hives and bee monitoring, Missoula, Montana at the WAS conference 2014.

  4. For presenters, a new conference goal is to discuss the formation of a professional organization to support investigators and pioneers in innovative and emerging technologies associated with bee and hive monitoring.

We strongly encourage everyone with an important bee, hive, and colony monitoring technology, whether software, communications, or hardware to take advantage of announcing to the world that you have something to offer to beekeepers and to protecting the health of bees.

Bee Safe

Frank and Jerry

I submitted mine from Mellisphera two weeks ago.
Are you @clemens or @Andreas planing to do a presentation?

It would be cool to see something from us there. As I am currently busy with other obligations, I humbly ask @clemens and maybe @wtf if they might want to join the conference?

What’s on your mind on “what should be presented”?

I could/would do some presentation on our technological side of the project, focusing on representation and correlation [with weather-data] within Grafana, so mainly a recycling of the GrafanaCon-Talk (without the particulate-matter stuff).

As I am not a bee-keeper (and @Andreas either), @clemens what do you think in terms of content? As it seems to me that we’re talking about “just 15min”-slots, we should probably think about splitting topics (e.g. if someone want’s to present about the audio-analysis-stuff (@Diren?), this could be an independent talk.)

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Today (5th October) the conference will start! It is a several days conference with daily sessions of around 3 hours:

Conference programm

Final Conference Program with Q&A_AHPA_Business Meeting.pdf (596.2 KB)

Time slots

The conference will start every day at the same time. For Germany it will be

Central, EU, 6:00 p.m.

Other time zones see 4th International Bee and Hive Monitoring Program Start Time Chart.pdf (107.9 KB)


I think a registration (US$ 20) is still possible: Events | colonymonitoring.com

Final n(qu)ote

This is a final quote from Jerry Bromenshenk and Frank Linton, the conference co-chairs:

We expect you will find this conference inspirational. Never before have so many honey bee colony monitoring technologies and technologists been brought together at one time and place. Enjoy!


Are there recordings?

Frank Linton from the conference team:

In November 2020, the conference recordings will be made available to the general public.

The recordings are online!

And a final quote

Thanks again for your interest. I think this conference marked a turning point in colony monitoring technology.

Frank Linton