Street Sense - A portable electronic device to measure air and noise pollution

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Street Sense is a project to build a portable, battery-powered sensor unit to measure:

  • Air Quality: Ozone, NO2, Particulates
  • Noise Pollution
  • Environment: Temperature, Humidity



Under the hood

Within, Mike Teachman is heavily using the uasyncio implementation coming from either the Pycopy fork of MicroPython [1] or from Genuine MicroPython [2] already.

Especially within the constrained environment on embedded devices, this is way more efficient than the same thing running on an implementation based on multithreading.

  1. GitHub - pfalcon/pycopy: Pycopy - a minimalist and memory-efficient Python implementation for constrained systems, microcontrollers, and just everything. ↩︎

  2. extmod: add new implementation of uasyncio (WIP) by dpgeorge · Pull Request #5332 · micropython/micropython · GitHub ↩︎