Random memory corruption faults on ESP32-WROVER rev.1 and rev.2 when running in dual-core mode

We are still experiencing different issues with the ESP32 on the Pycom devices, see also

Thomas Rogg of Neonius seems to have found a glitch related to PSRAM and dual core mode.

While we are not into the details of this yet, you might enjoy diving into it. It looks like Espressif is working on a workaround solution shipped through ESP-IDF to mitigate the issues for all the silicon which is already out there.


there are also some other recent reports which indicate something might be fishy here.

Looking for things like Search · bad00bad · GitHub coming from Troubleshooting the recent Pycom Firmware Release 1.20.1.r1, we want to drop some more pointers here.

Falling back to unicore mode


Thomas Rogg of Neonius says:

so they switched back to single-core mode:


Others seem to be doing similar things for now:

See also:

Damien George also confirms there are hardware bugs with and compiler workarounds against issues with the SPIRAM on ESP32.

Just for the sake of completeness, we are tracking some other presumably multicore pitfalls around the net which might come from the same thing.

There have been some updates on the core issue within the Espressif issue tracker. Enjoy.