OSBH BuzzBox

Open Source beehives have released their BuzzBox, see OSBeehives | BuzzBox Mini. It looks very nice, but is rather expensive.

They also released a bit more code some days ago:

It would be good to get their sensor data into Hiveeyes backend?

Yes. Its quite frustrating to pay that amount of money for such a simple device. I really like the swarm alarm feature, but I cannot afford to put a 225$ device in every single hive I have. I think they should try to build really cheap devices that can be put in every hive. That strategy would give them more data in the long run.

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There is a kickstarter campaign with some new photos and videos:

See the note from Tristan about the project is going closed source in some parts unfortunately.

I wonder how the BuzzBox records Audio. This post indicates that sounds recording is done from outside (!) the hive. I can not imagine that this is the preferred way and best for audio quality.

Audio samples are taken every 20 minutes normally and every hour if the system runs on low battery: https://community.osbeehives.com/t/how-often-does-the-buzzbox-take-audio-samples/576

They drill a hole in the box and record from outside. See BuzzBox Installation Guide · OSBeehives thanks to @weef for the hint!

OSBH has now released all construction files (layout, schematics, BOM) for the box under CC-BY SA 4.0 and the firmware under MIT license.

There is a new? / updated device call BuzzBox Mini

From the OSBH newsletter:

BuzzBox Mini Upgrades

  • Deeper Hive Insights
    mounts inside your hive for more accurate, precise readings

  • Improved Health Readings
    over 2,000,000 data points processed to bring you next generation honey bee health analysis

  • Better Range
    improved transmission range to reach your backyard hives

  • Simple Usability
    now includes external buttons and indicators, making it easy to get set up and connected to the Internet

  • Upgraded Solar Panel
    you’ve asked, and we’ve listened by extending the solar panel cable to 2.5 meters (150% longer)


OSBH has released an open source version of the BuzzBox, called “BuzzBoard”
(You have to initiate a shopping process – with 0 EUR – not very user friendly!)

but I think same files on git:

The OSBeehives | Beekeeping App has now also a Inspection Journal feature. It is very “American” with antibiotica as possible treatment but have a look by our own.

Disclaimer: I have not observed the app for a longer time, so this update and new feature could be also some month ago.

Some example screenshots