Mellisphera Platform

Let me then introduce you to Mellisphera.

We are developing a comprehensive beekeeping platform. Offering beekeepers, the means to understand what’s going on into our “black boxes”. Part of the system is of course based on IoT and hive sensors, this community knows long about the topic. In our case, we are partnering with Broodminder for those aspects.

We are still under development, plans are to launch in 2019!

I invite you to visit our website for more details (currently french only)


Dear Lorenzo,

thanks for sharing! We will be happy to know more about some details as you will move along. Is there a solar panel mounted on the lid of the electronics box?

Bonne chance et à bientôt,

Thank you Andreas,
yes the hub is working on a battery + solar panel. Operation aspects can be configured through an App.

I’ll keep you informed on progress :)

Hi @lorenzo, can you say a bit more about your concept? You are partnering with Broodminder, so it is not about hardware your new platform? Is it a beekeeper community or a teaching platform or a platform for sharing data?

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Hi @clemens, Mellisphera is about having a digital beekeeping experience. Its about putting all necessary data together for beekeepers to be always aware of what’s going on. This is useful when action has (needs) to be taken, and also helps to learn practically, overcoming empirical practices.

That’s the concept we’re trying to translate into actual software. If this is something that can interest you or someone else in Hiveeyes, I would be happy to share a test prototype with you :-)

@lorenzo can you go a bit more in details. I get an idea - also with help of your website (to be honest via Google translate ;-) but do not have the big picture yet what is it about.

I have seen parts of a digital bee diary, in German we say “Stockkarte” like @marten.schoonman and @iconize develop it in The BEEP platform . But you have also a data analysis part where you generate algorithms, yes? And is it also about communication between beekeepers, talking about findings and sharing own data?

The “Gretchenfrage” for us or al least for me: Is it close or open source? We are driving an open source approach here and I think the motivation to contribute is not very high for a closed system.

Is broadminder the only hardware system you will support or is the API open and other (hardware) can plug commercial or DIY hardware on the platform?

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Let’s put it this way : when you practice beekeeping you get 3 things : bees/nature/beekeeper. We are linking them together. This means knowing how bees behave (sensors) how nature behaves (phenology and weather) and of course the beekeeper actions too. We want to offer a “seamless” data integration around that idea.
We do not plan to go so exhaustive into the “stockkarte” as @iconize does. I think our products will be quite different.
Is there communication among beekeepers? yes of course it has to, but not currently.

To go to the Gretchenfrage (I guess I am learning as much German as you learn French ;) ) Are we opensource? : the factual answer at this moment is no. Why? because opensourcing needs an effort that we have not yet prioritized, not knowing who in this so small niche world would be interested on it. I am more inclined to consider opensourcing when opportunities of collaboration would raise. Don’t get me wrong, I have been thinking so much about this topic and that’s the best answer I can find for that very specific situation…

Can we introduce other sensor devices? of course!. It mainly depends on where and how the data is stored. This is something an API could handle provided that the data format spec is clear. At this moment “multidevice input” is not yet high enough in our priority backlog, and again, it’s a matter of opportunity.

Hope I have answered your questions

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Mellisphera DIY Hive Scale


On March 19, 2021, mellisphera announced their DIY Hive scale to be available for pre-order with an estimated shipping starting on May 1, 2021. Apparently, it is essentially a BroodMinder-DIY kit.



You’re right @Andreas we are providing a kit to build your own scale and at the same time getting access to the full Broodminder-Mellisphera world (Apps and algorithms).
Beekeepers like doing things themselves, it’s not in this forum I’ll be contradicted right :blush:? So here it is a foundation to play with in a fairly easy way.

I am taking the occasion to also share our latest feature on weight analysis. The video is in french. English should come soon but I believe it’s fairly understandable.