LibreSolar BMS 8S50 IC

:warning: Remark: This piece is under active development and officially designated to be in a very early development stage, so major issues should be expected.


Fully integrated 12V-24V BMS using ISL94202.

Fits into the general category of Libre Solar Battery Management Systems devices, like DIY MPPT, FOSS und OSHW Solar-Bleiakku-Lader by @elektra.


  • 3 to 8 Li-ion cells (e.g. LiFePO4)
  • Integrated high-side MOSFET switch and current sensor
  • Balancing current approx. 150 mA
  • STM32F072 or STM32L452 ARM Cortex microcontroller
  • Built-in CAN communication interface and UEXT extension connector
  • Firmware based on Zephyr RTOS

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