How to Visualize FFT Data in Grafana


Non-Grafana Examples

You can easily plot the output from a FFT as lines with the Arduino IDE and the Serial Plotter feature as we did it here for different sinus tones:

But this is not nice and hard to read.

We used also the Sonic Visualiserer to get FFT data from MP3:

This is an example from used in an Adafruit Tutorial.

See more examples in the thread Sound Visualization


We have to investigate if this Grafana plugins can make an appropriate graph from a FFT data output with – let’s say 128 bins! This are 128 singel numbers for one point in time. Each number represents a frequency range.

see also this page with more details and a more fittng example figure: Heatmap Panel | Grafana Documentation

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You can find some practical examples / charts produced with the default Heatmap Plugin for Grafana by @Diren in the thread Erste Analyse der Audio-Daten des BeABee-Projekts