Hello from Open Source Beehives!

Hello HiveEyes community!

My name is Tristan and I work with Open Source Beehives – another open source project developing beehive sensors and hives. We’ve been really impressed by HiveEye as a collaborative community with similar aims and thought it appropriate to say hello and tell you about what we’re doing.

We’ve developed a beehive sensor called BuzzBox, and two CNC routable beehive designs: the Colorado Top Bar and Barcelona Warré. As collaborators in this space, would like to offer the HiveEyes community early access to our BuzzBox sensor. You can either pre order one from our website, or check out our documentation and build your own (see our main page and click “documentation” link).

The most interesting thing the sensor does is audio sampling and analysis. We are applying a machine learning algorithm to associate beehives health indicators with audio patters, with the goal of creating a robust early-detection system for the health of your bees.

I’ve seen the community here is starting to build off our work on audio, and that is really great! It would be awesome if you guys would consider joining our network while you hack your own, so we can support each others efforts and continue innovating in open source fashion!

Finally, the BuzzBox has been designed for expansion. There are multiple ports for new sensors, and an onboard micro-SD i/o that can be used to store larger data loads (video or images for example). This is just the beginning and we hope beeks (bee geeks) like yourselves would enjoy playing around with this.

Best regards to all, and keep up the great work!

x OSBH team


Hi Tristan, nice to meet you here! We had a while ago a call with Aaron. It was planed that we deliver audio data to you / OSBH also but for what reason ever we got no kit.

But nice that the BuzzBox hardware is now on start. We did some experiments with a Cortex M0 board - in this case a Adafruit Feather M0 (I think you can take a SODAQ Autonome or Arduino MKR also) and gathered digital Audio via the I2S interface. Wouldn’t make this your setup from the hardware side cheaper?

We tried also to “validate” your sound analysis algorithm with some sound data see: Rate vitality of bee colony via analysing its sound

Great work you and OSBH did and we are glade to see that things going on also beside the CNC hive building activities!


Hey @clemens!

Ok I’ve just pinged Aaron about the sensor we were going to send you guys – I’ll see whats going on with that and get back to you. :-)

Hey @clemens – Aaron says the kit we were going to send you (which is one of our Peli-case kits for higher quality continuous audio recording, not the BuzzBox) is undergoing some improvements. We’ll try and get one to you guys asap, though with the crowdfunder looming I think we will be rather distracted! :-/

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The phone app now has audio analysis.


Might be possible to use an old £20 phone and permanently attached with an external Mic?