Welcome, Markus!

@mhies (Bienenstockwaage Blog) asked in January:

I would like to build a new version of my setup and will be happy to leave my architecture with a MySQL database and evaluation with Tableau behind by moving towards MQTT + InfluxDB + Grafana. The beehive is located in the garden of our house, Wi-Fi access and power is not an issue.
I’ve even looked on the Hiveeyes page and would like to utilize the shared platform on swarm.hiveeyes.org as a backend and try out an MQTT client on the RPi.

He is now starting to publish measurement readings of his RaspberryPi-based Beelogger Version 2 to the collaborative backend platform. Cheers, Markus!

Python is used to publish data via MQTT:

He currently uses the call sign "MUC-MH-B99".

See also:

Some impressions:

The Python code used for reading and publishing sensor data can be found on GitHub and is also GPL-licensed - thanks a bunch, Markus!

Markus just sent some annotations from real world events after following the documentation. It worked like a charm, thanks!

For doing that, he also used a little Python program he is sharing with us - thanks again!: