Welcome, Markus!


@mhies (Bienenstockwaage Blog) asked in January:

I would like to build a new version of my setup and will be happy to leave my architecture with a MySQL database and evaluation with Tableau behind by moving towards MQTT + InfluxDB + Grafana. The beehive is located in the garden of our house, Wi-Fi access and power is not an issue.
I’ve even looked on the Hiveeyes page and would like to utilize the shared platform on swarm.hiveeyes.org as a backend and try out an MQTT client on the RPi.

He is now starting to publish measurement readings of his RaspberryPi-based Beelogger Version 2 to the collaborative backend platform. Cheers, Markus!

Python is used to publish data via MQTT:

He currently uses the call sign "MUC-MH-B99".

See also:

Some impressions:

Zuwachs aus Potsdam, DE
Daten per MQTT ans Backend auf swarm.hiveeyes.org übertragen

The Python code used for reading and publishing sensor data can be found on GitHub and is also GPL-licensed - thanks a bunch, Markus!


Markus just sent some annotations from real world events after following the documentation. It worked like a charm, thanks!

For doing that, he also used a little Python program he is sharing with us - thanks again!:

Annotationen im Grafana über die HTTP/MQTT API
Annotationen im Grafana über die HTTP/MQTT API
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