Using 1 load cell and metal hinge

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I’ve been reading through the forum planning my hardware, one question I have have regarding hive weight sensors - has anyone thought about using a single Bosch load cell and a metal hinge on the opposite side? This would make the platform more stable and eliminate the temperature differences when using two load sensors, while reducing costs and complexity.



You can use just a single 200kg BOSCHE load cell.
A hinge will not work, because the idea of a 50% load on the hinge and 50% load on the cell would only work, if the weight is 100% in balance and exactly in the middle.
That is never the case in your hive.

This manual with a single load cell is in german, but you should be able to translate it with Google and the pictures are pretty good.

This works very well and it is stable enough for a fully filled up hive with 50kg of honey.


We also host the content over here. With TOC and improved structure, including the same pictures that René mentioned. Enjoy!

Please let us know about any errata you might discover on both resources.

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About the Idea of a single side weighting only see Open Hive "Scale Bar" for Single Side Weighting - #8 by clemens, I still think that it is a good Idea in case you are interested in tracking nectar flow, but it is problematic in case absolut numbers are Important.

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This is very interesting and much easier to produce for me, can I ask your opinion on using two load cell each side instead of a single? I am worried about stability, with 150kg the H frame must be slightly unstable due to movement in the Aluminium?

Thank you for your advice.

I think it is a good compromise between stability / accuracy and cost, see Waage OpenHive 2bars [für T-Call]

Where do you get 150kg? :flushed:

Max. 30kg for the bees and brood and the hive around.
Max. 60kg for two full honey rooms.

I would say, that more than 90kg is unrealistic. And with a 200kg load cell, that is stable enough.

But two maybe also good.

@clemens isn’t it required to have two calibrated cells if you want to use two cells?

Wie sind da deine Endergebnisse?

Hi all, I like the design @snooz has shown, I make make this without issue. If I can find some UK company to laster cut the place (Is it expensive to order?)

One question, will the template work for the cheap chinese load cell I have? I think it is a perfect match:


Hi all,

I found a manufacturer than can produce the plate for £15 GBP.
He sent the attached image to verify, does this look correct before I order?

I sent him the template for H40A:


The plates have arrived!

Here’s the problem with single point load cells. Granted, the load cell is only rated at 50Kg, but the tank weighs much less than a hive also. Don’t forget your snubbers!