The Pycopy variant/fork of MicroPython

We just learned that Paul Sokolovsky, long-term maintainer of the MicroPython project, forked into

To give some more context about different MicroPython forks, you might be interested in Introduction to MicroPython as well as ESP-IDF and beyond: Lua with NodeMCU, Pycom's MicroPython fork and Adafruit's CircuitPython.


While this might not have a direct impact on all people programming the FiPy through Pycom’s MicroPython fork when looking at the core MicroPython itself, you should well be aware that GitHub - micropython/micropython-lib: Core Python libraries ported to MicroPython will not be the only place to go shopping for modules from the MicroPython standard library.

So, you should well also have a look at GitHub - pfalcon/pycopy-lib: Standard library for Pycopy and compatible programming languages which is also reflected with the corresponding packages on PyPI, see