The Beauty of Weather Information

Als Komplement zu The Beauty of Data Visualization, hier ein wenig im Séparée.

Vor allem wollte ich hier mal Ventusky posten, die meisten kennen die Seite ohnehin schon, vielleicht aber auch manche noch nicht.

Rendering raindrops with JavaScript


Ganz anderes Eck, aber trotzdem leider geil.


The Ventusky web application has been developed by InMeteo, a Czech meteorological company based in Pilsen in collaboration with Marek Mojzík and Martin Prantl.


How it all came to be

Point.B Studio



  • A visualization of global weather conditions.
  • Forecast by supercomputers.
  • Updated every three hours.


  • Ocean surface current estimates updated every five days.
  • Ocean surface temperatures and anomaly from daily average (1981-2011) updated daily.
  • Ocean waves updated every three hours.
  • Aurora updated every thirty minutes.

[4K] 2018: full, one year time lapse of surface winds over the North Atlantic

Aurora Layer

Current auroras over the poles. This layer was just added recently. Amazing.

EARTH by Cameron Beccario

– Interview with Cameron Beccario by Moritz Stefaner | Eyeo Festival of on 28/03/2019.

About the art

EARTH, by Cameron Beccario, is a near real-time visualization of global weather conditions forecast by supercomputers. This vivid capture depicts intricate, dramatic swirling patterns of wind streamlines reminiscent of oil paintings of the Impressionists.

About the artist

CAMERON BECCARIO’S creation, Earth. depicts wind patterns on a global scale. The artist began with a wind map of Tokyo, where he lives, and then he took on the world. You can see his animated creation at

Purchasing a fine art print helps the artist with site maintenance costs and to continue development of Earth.

Point.B Studio

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Home Weather Station weather website template for WeeWX

Das schickste, was derzeit aus WeeWX herausfallen kann, ist

Hier in Live: Steeple Claydon, UK Weather Station

Implementierung (FOSS)


Hier gibts noch mehr zu WeeWX:

Der Autor macht leider nicht konsequent Open Source weiter,


aber andere haben die Arbeiten aufgegriffen. Anbei ein paar der aktiveren Vergabelungen.

Global Jet Stream Forecast

Jetstream Forecast


Matt | auf Twitter: "Even a relatively small mountain barrier can produce lee waves which reach far into the upper troposphere (or even the stratosphere). West-east cross section from the Vosges Mountains (#France) across the Rhine Valley to the Black Forest (#Germany) during storm #Yukon today.…"