Strain gauge load cell tests in a DIY climate chamber


I have absolutely no idea.
I started the thread below, because i have seen those huge differences between the setups.

To figure out why, “built” the test-chamber.
All setups have the same build-up.
Flux is cleaned
HX 711 and Load Cell is soldered with the original cable (not shortend)
Power-Supply is the same
I have no idea why?
It seems the Load Cells are really that “weak”, see my posting where I compared the temperature behavior just of the cell and just the HX711. It clearly comes from the cell itself.

What are your experiences? Should i contact Bosche with this issue?


Hi…humidity effects are rather slow and require the humidity to penetrate the epoxy that bonds the resistors to the base lever. Even the slight effect of the humidity swelling or weakening the epoxy are going to be very slight vs the temperature. Measure over several days, I doubt there is a correlation to humidity.