The GPRSbee is a GPRS/GSM expansion board, designed by Gregory Knauff. It is smaller, more energy efficient and cheaper than the last GPRSbee with SIM900. The board has the “bee” form factor and can be used in any system that has a bee socket like the SODAQ boards, Seeeduino Stalker or the Arduino Fio. The GPRSbee uses SIM cards of the MicroSIM form factor.

The core of this board is powered by the SIM800H module. This module, like most other GPRS/GSM modules, has an operating voltage of 3.5 - 4.5 volts and can draw up to 2A of power during broadcasts bursts. This makes the 3.3V power that the bee socket can provide unsuitable. This has been solved by powering the GPRSbee directly from a 3.7 volt LiPo battery directly.


  • SIM800H module
  • bee socket compatible
  • 3.7 volt LiPo battery connector and board connector
  • MicroSIM adapter
  • U.FL antenna connector
  • Network Activity LED
  • Software ON/OFF through DTR pin (DTR high = on)
  • Power status though CTS pin
  • 3.3 V to 2.8V level converter

Compatible with

  • Arduino FIO and FIO V3
  • Seeedstudio Stalker
  • Any other board with bee socket
  • Bee socket adapters

See also: SIM800.