Smart Citizen Kit 2.1


This fine sensor kit from Fab Lab Bcn monitors weather conditions, air quality as well as noise and light pollution. It is based on the ESP8266 and uses these sensors:

  • Sensirion SHT31
  • Invensense ICS43423
  • Rohm BH1721FVC
  • NXP MPL3115A2
  • AMS CCS811
  • Plantower PMS 5003




Open source software and hardware

All the software unless otherwise stated is released under the GNU GPL v3.0 and the hardware design files under the CERN OHL v1.2.





We’ve followed them for quite some time already. Congratulations for keeping up the spirit and the most recent hardware revision!

OSBH originally used an early version of the Smart Citizen Sensor Kit as a baseline for their development.

cc @Ron, @wtf

As far as I know was @Ron a longer time ago in the Fablab Barcelona and developed there the first prototype for the OSBH. What is interesing: The Smart Citizen Kit was based on a M0 in a former version and they used an I2S mic with the Arduino FFT implementaion but with some problems.

This is the audio analysis section for the las board: smartcitizen-kit-21/lib/AudioAnalysis at master · fablabbcn/smartcitizen-kit-21 · GitHub