Scale frame designs from already collected some design variants for scale frames. It might be worth a look!

Many interesting and innovative designs have been suggested, built and tested. Each have advantages and disadvantages.


And also:

This is what I will build :)

But Information is really sparse on that page. Where is the pro/con discussion of each model?

I believe the HawaUBee scale design, a low-cost all-aluminum frame by David Hawa is the latest / most recent one and comes from drawbacks with the other designs listed on the page above:

This frame was designed [to] keep production, material, and shipping costs to a minimum. This design is a light weight durable scale that requires only a screw driver to assemble.

We are happy to hear about your outcome and to see some pictures.

By the way, David’s site looks pretty cool:

He also writes about the whole project at

The HawaUbee Hivetool Scale project took nearly 8 months to complete and was finalized on December 6, 2015. HawaUbee02 was completed and installed on July 10, 2016

The HawaUbee Hivetool System is totally off the grid; it is powered by two 185W; 5.17AMP solar panels which charge three 35AMP hour batteries […]