[Sammlung] Stromsparmaßnahmen für den Pycom Fipy

Neben Stromsparmaßnahmen für die MicroPython-Firmware im Batteriebetrieb sowie LTE-Modem des Pycom FiPy komplett stilllegen gibt es noch ein paar andere Möglichkeiten.

Strom sparen mit Expansion Board


Since you are using a regular expansion board, the flow control lines can interfere with the communication between the FiPy and the cellular modem. Can you remove the RTS and CTS jumpers on expansion board and run your tests again?

FiPy + Extension Board Power consumption | Pycom user forum

Remove the RTS, CTS and LED jumper as suggested in other post.

LoPy 4 - Current consumption and Deep Sleep | Pycom user forum

2018 / 2019

I have the GPy on the Expansion board (v2.1) and the LED, RTS and CTS jumpers are removed.

Power Consumption Issue | Pycom user forum

Power consumption of the USB/UART bridge

Connecting over USB you’ll see an added, constant, power consumption from the USB-Serial chip (Expansion 2) or PIC micro (Expansion 3) as well as the USB LED.

All radios on by default | Pycom user forum

I now see a substantial drop in current after powering the device through the VIN. Thanks!

All radios on by default | Pycom user forum

The current went down to 11mA, which is just the power consumption of the USB/UART bridge.

G01 power consumption | Pycom user forum

More Strom sparen

25. April 2017

21. Dezember 2017

16. Februar 2018

20. April 2018

23. April 2018

When I start my program I first turn off all unwanted radios (current drawn with LTE, Bluetooth etc on is around 260 mA). When they are turned off the idle (no radios) current is around 65-70 mA, which correlates good with whats written in the specs for FiPY.

19. September 2018

29. November 2018

10. Dezember 2018 ff.

Diese Diskussion zwischen v.a. Daniel Campora und Robert ist hochinterssant, v.a. wird hier mal richtig gemessen.

14. Februar 2019

8. Mai 2019

Mai / Juni 2019

Background information about the switching regulator

Hier geht es auch aktuell wieder im Pycom-Forum um ähnliche Dinge bzgl. Stromverbrauch.