(RFMxx) antenna connector footprint -- one fits all: wire / uFL / SMA

A nice example for a very flexible antenna configuration shows Adafruit on her RFM95 boards:


You can use the same PCB footprint for …

… a simple wire as antenna


… an uFL connector


… or an bulky but stable SMA connector


I have not found a ready to use Fritzing part for this but I think it’s worth to make one!

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In the meantime I found also a scale drawing on the Adafruit page (just front):

And a Eagle file: Adafruit-RFM-LoRa-Radio-Breakout-PCB/Adafruit RFM+LoRa Breakout.brd at master · adafruit/Adafruit-RFM-LoRa-Radio-Breakout-PCB · GitHub

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I think I got it done, not a real Fritzing part but working for me, it is a combination of the already existing (Sparkfun part “antenna”) SMA footprint, the uFL footprint and a bigger via:

antenna-footprint_sma-ufl-wire.fzz (2.1 KB)