Reading the HX711 using RMT

Continuing the discussion from Reading the HX711 using SPI:


State of the onion of RMT library support for MicroPython

Pycom MicroPython

It looks like Pycom MicroPython already supports it out of the box.

Genuine MicroPython

Matt Trentini is actively working on an ESP32 RMT Implementation for Genuine MicroPython, see also CRC err DS18B20 OneWire ESP32 - MicroPython Forum.

LoBo MicroPython

See also

Matt’s PR received some more tidying and further development during the past few days.

FYI the RMT driver is in uPy 1.12 and its working. It would be ideal for the HX711 driver but the problem is that there is no way to get the state of the clock pin when using the RMT driver (at least I haven’t found one). But that is necessary to synchronize with the data pin.