Quectel BC95-B8 (LTE Cat-NB1; 900 MHz) and eval kit for 36EUR

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In this year, the Quectel modem BC95 became one of the first 3GPP rel13 certified and available LTE Cat-NB1 (‘NB-IoT’) modem. Tekmodul now sells a BC95-B8 (900MHz) and its eval kit for less than half the regular price (likely until Aug 31?) (ca. 36EUR, 29.95EUR net); modem itself is about 15EUR.
BC95 does not feature a GPRS fallback, but it is dead cheap. Btw, the shrouded 2x10 header on the right is an ARM JTAG (!). The modem is on a seperate PCB, and the evaluation kit PCBA can also hold some other Quectel modules.

more to follow, when I find some time…

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